Assessment of IT-departments

Partnerships, joint venture, alliances, Merger, acquisitions and paging of not necessary achievements (outsourcing) are captivating business thoughts in the synergetic use of the core processes, - however can this work?

Although it is known today, that computer science does not only supports the core processes, but partially enables them. This fact is not always paid attention to, when integrating companies.

The extended question, beside "fit the product portfolios the markets and business processes" are:

  • Does computer science planning agree with the business goals?
  • Are the priority of the computer science projects set correctly?
  • Do the computer science departments fit together (HW and SW-architecture)? - Which service level does have the assigned (or controlled?) Information technology?
  • Which readiness to perform shows computer science in customer orientation?

We are happy to help you on these and similar questions with our know-how and our services, such as:

  • Evaluation of the goals/use of computer science on the basis the business planning (SUP/SIP)
  • IT Portfolio investigation and - evaluation
  • Merger & acquisition support
  • Process and organization evaluation