Personnel development

… a much-saying term. Harmlessly, everyone has in addition its own opinion and can in discussions over it keep up - all talk about personnel development!

We regard personnel development as a component to modern managements, it the Controlling and are replaced not no Surrogate for product innovation and purposeful marketing. No, modern personnel development functions more like oil in the transmission, it can central of business processes improve as friction losses is diminished, - it can make certain processes possible at all only.

The personnel development must fit the enterprise, it expresses the individuality of the enterprise, it gives it with applicants and co-workers the specific, unmistakable impression.

We support you with the structure/development of your own personnel development concept. As in a component system you can select elements and adapt this individually on your enterprise:

  • Applicant speech with organization/texts of personnel announcements, interview techniques or the structure of introduction meetings and co-worker manuals.
  • Education demand analyses, personnel cost controlling and achievement-referred salary models
  • follow-up regulation, enterprise and/or guidance guiding principles, communication strategies
  • Work time models, co-worker discussions inclusive feedback and individual performance review

Do you have own desires or concrete conceptions? – that’s even better. You step with us into contact and we moderate with you a noncommittal goal identification workshop!