Quality assurance

The service “quality assurance” reflects itself our basic attitude of the collective view of a project. In order to reach this, it is necessary to regard the quality of the processes equally like the quality products. Less a technical aspect is helpful than one „human “. Quality concerns all, each co-worker of one project must know, what quality during the processes, during which it works and in the products or contains services, which it manufactures.

The quality to secure is called among other things to know the customer's requests and co-ordinate and align the project surrounding field to regard the processes and e.g. reduce interfaces, complaints to analyze and improvements energize, the co-workers too qualify and their know-how profitably for the project and the enterprise to begin.

We offer the following achievements in the professional quality assurance based on our experiences, our personal and social competences and our methodical know-how:

  • Quality assurance of projects constantly or in critical phases
  • Quality checks (inventory admission and definition of measures)
  • Qualifying measures in projects
  • Development and introduction of quality assurance processes and/or quality assurance procedure