Outsourcing Advice

The economic and structural change processes become ever faster. The rising costs increase continuously, independently of the size or industry of the individual enterprises are new technologies and markets, requirement-fuller customers and an aggressive competition the daily challenge.

The concentration on core authority
makes thereby the jump of the advisor wisdom of the 90's the naked survival strategy in the new millennium. Partnerships, joint venture and alliances are this way, frequent in addition, only business concepts different terms for outsourcing.

Outside re-sourcing
so the origin of this American term, did not mean originally only the use own/strange resources for the fulfilment of the business purpose. Today we understand by it separating an enterprise unit from the past enterprise group with definition about achievement obligations (service level) and a clear customer supplier relationship. The professional management of past cost causers aligned to economic success, who will affect introduction of a customer orientation for ´internal departments´ readiness to perform and efficiency of the co-workers positively.

The selection of a suitable partner,

into the new responsibility one should make the business arrangement of the necessary contracts, the evaluation of the enterprise values (Due Diligence) and the transfer (Transition) with independent, experienced advisors.

  • You want to increase the efficiency of your enterprise and concentrate on your core business?
  • You want to use the possibilities of innovative data processing, in order to increase your entrepreneurial success?
  • And you look for a partner, which stands for you here in a spirit of mutual confidence to the side and it competently supported?

This way we support you gladly with our know-how and our achievements, like e.g.:

  • Coaching of the TOP management
  • Mediation in the negotiation phase
  • Due Diligence support (in particular within the range IT)
  • Transition support