Air traffic without national boundaries- Single European Sky - imaso society 14.05.2009


Hardy Polevka, Manager AIM Policies and Plan, DFS German Air Navigation Ltd. showed in his speech to today's state of the national aviation-oriented organization and the European initiatives to the "Single European Sky" and the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC briefly) on.

The airspace of the six countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxenbourg and Switzerland) in the heart of Europe has one of the highest traffic densities and the most complex air traffic in the world. Most major European airports are located in this area, the addition of key civilian and military air routes will pass through. The Sky FABEC characterized by:


- An area of 1.7 million km2
- 5.3 million flights per year
- 55% of European air geamten
- An expected increase in traffic of 50% from 2005 to 2018



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