E-Commerce in trade - guide and lead for other industries - imaso society 18.04.2012

Thomas Geuder showed in his presentation the do's and don'ts and trends of e-commerce, and its derivative on industries such as financial services, administration, etc.

The online trade has established itself, it is booming, even with no end in sight. The current trend includes not only companies that target the consumer, and B2B trade is booming like never before. The question now is, like other industries, such as financial services, government, etc. to participate in it, for, their customers do not differentiate anymore for channels, but use different means of access to their provider - depending on the mood and environment. These providers are in demand because of the customer to go like the trade of the channel-loyal to the multi-optional use, dH companies have to be successful, the real and the digital world to connect with each other.