Coaching is a measure, which has the increase of the effectiveness and the efficiency of an individual person or a group as a goal. It can concern persons or groups out of the most different functional areas of an enterprise.

We understand thereby in our Coaching services not only the beginning of the consultation with difficult situations separate the personal promotion and development of high-level personnel and co-workers.

We see ourselves however not as counsellors but as partners with the fulfilment or reaching of a goal. Therefore for it a continuous process is necessary during a defined period.

Our offer which applies to teams and/or individual persons can be:

  • Single-coaching
    Support and promotion of a high-level personnel and/or a project manager with the fulfilment or reaching of a goal
  • Solution coaching
    Support and promotion of a project team during the solution identification
  • Conflict coaching
    Support and solution development with team conflicts in projects
  • Coaching analyse
    Development and definition of Coaching measures