International project management in a difficult environment - imaso society 30.05.2013

Bertram Hinze, Project manager of the model police station project (MPS) for the UN mission in Guinea-Bissau, showed in his speech the approach, planning and the difficulties
within the UN of an international project in a difficult environment.          

Since the end of the civil war in 1999, the United Nations Integrated Peace-Building Office in Guinea-Bissau support (UNIOGBIS) the development of structures in the African country. Part of the task is also to establish a civilian police force. The implementation of the model police stations is an important step towards restoring the credibility of the local police. Construction of modern facilities, the provision of updated equipment and the selection, training and supervision of police officers, is thus an important step in the entire support UNIOGBIS and other international actors based on the Guinea-Bissau program of security sector reform (SSR). In the presentation the different aspects of project work in the difficult international context of the UN were presented.
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