How does the train production works in the densest network in the world? - imaso society 25.11.2008

Mani Haller, deputy chief Operating showed in his presentation the organization and planning of rail production in Switzerland and answered the questions above competently and humorous.

Nowhere in the world, the rail network as intensively used as in Switzerland. The densest traffic is in the urban area of Zurich. 2050 trains daily cross Zurich-Altstetten, which gives every 42 seconds a train. Even Olten (1730 trains per day), Berne (1404 trains per day) and Winterthur (1165 trains per day) have high frequencies. Per day and per kilometer rail traffic on the Swiss network averaged around 93 trains.

This leads to questions such as: What is the most densely trafficked rail network in the world organized? How is it planned? What are the challenges? How works such a complex system?