Environment and Business - a contradiction or a chance! - imaso society 29.05.2008

The three experts, Ludger Bals, Uwe Todte and Susanne Gropssmann showed in theire speeches possibilities, constraints and opportunities of sustainability in the future. In addition, in the subsequent debates critical issues and contradictions as well as jointly formulated theories.

Documentation (only in German)

pdf imaso society 29.05.2008 - Begrüssung 208.71 Kb

Presentation: Sustainability and CO2 as a trendsetter

Uwe Todte,
 Partner imaso AG
pdf Nachhaltigkeit und CO2 als Trendsetter 51.11 Kb

Presentation: Sustainability in the Business Travel Management
Ludger Bals,
Head of the work group "Sustainability" for the German Travel Management Association (VDR)
pdf Nachhaltigkeit im Business Travel Management 1.36 Mb

Presentation: Business area sustainability - Opportunities and Challenges
Susanne Grossmann,
Managing Partnerin BTS Investment Advisors

pdf Geschäftsfeld Nachhaltigkeit - Chancen und Herausforderungen 1.24 Mb

pdf Thesen 29.16 Kb